Race The Sun: A quick status update

Hey all, I just wanted to let you know where we’re at with Race The Sun. As you may know – we had set an “estimated release date” of May on our Kickstarter.  We’ve obviously slipped a little bit past that – but things are coming along pretty well! We recently released the first version… Read More

Race The Sun: Experiments Part 1

This is a first in a 3-part series on the experimental features we are attempting in Race the Sun. More info on the game can be found here on Flippfly.com and on our Steam Greenlight page. Innovation is risky. Every experiment brings with it the very real possibility of failure. For us, that risk is… Read More

Buried on Greenlight

“Greenlight will provide an incredible level of added exposure for new games and an opportunity to connect directly with potential customers and fans.” – From Valve Press Release, August 30, 2012 When Valve announced Steam Greenlight as a way for game developers to get on Steam (One of the largest PC game markets in the world)… Read More

Race The Sun: Record Speed Run

I just had to share this video, shared by Toad102, a power user from Kongregate who routinely sits at the top of the leaderboard. To be completely honest, we didn’t realize Race the Sun could move this fast. It seems that moving this fast causes some glitches with the hit detection, so it may be possible to… Read More

Announcement: BrassMonkey/Race The Sun giveaway!

Hey all, we’re really excited to announce that  our partner BrassMonkey is doing a massive giveaway, to celebrate the release of Race The Sun on PlayBrassMonkey.com, and the first of its kind integration of BrassMonkey technology into Race The Sun’s standalone version!       Prizes will include a Founder’s Club subscription, copies of Race… Read More