Weekly Dev Journal 3: More Race The Sun!

Hello dear readers. Here’s our week 3 production update for Race The Sun. For being 3 weeks into full production, we’re pretty happy with how the game is progressing. We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments! Our latest build is embedded at the end of the post, as usual. Share this on:… Read More

Weekly Dev Journal 2: Race The Sun progress!

Hey all, here’s our week 2 production update for Race The Sun, Introduced last week [Skip ahead to week 3]  First – here’s a concept Forest put together for a player ship – what do you think?   This week we decided to try a different basic gameplay formula: Instead of the sun going down… Read More

Weekly Dev Journal 1: Introducing “Race The Sun”

Stepping out on a ledge.. Hey all, thanks for reading! Forest and I decided that from here on out, we’re going to do a weekly development update, and just be really transparent about what we’re working on, including a playable build so everyone can see our progress and provide gut-wrenching critical feedback. Or something like… Read More