Weekly Dev Journal 12: Getting close!

Hey all, this week’s post will be even shorter than last week’s! We’re hard at work preparing for a Kongregate build – we technically finished all of our tasks for it on Friday, but we wanted to take the weekend and do some testing before we put it out in the wild (it’s still kind… Read More

Weekly Dev Journal 11: On goals, shadows, and self-publishing

The bad news: We don’t have a playable build this week. We decided to dig in and make some big additions, and right now the game’s in a bit of a messy state. The good news:  we’re making great progress! We’ll have a build ready for Kongregate.com next week, with some solid new features that… Read More

Weekly Dev Journal 10: A new look, Greenlight, multiplayer, etc.

Hey all – you may have noticed that we didn’t do a week 9 update last weekend. We did actually make progress on the game, but I was busy with Ludum Dare#24, which is a 48 hour game-making competition. If you’d like to see the fruits of that effort, check it out here. Greenlight, and… Read More

Weekly Dev Journal 8: The Awkward Middle

Wow, has it been 8 weeks already? Something I’ve learned about game development is that every project has a few distinct stages when it comes to your mental attitude as a developer. The beginning is always a blast, because you’re trying new things, and putting all of your exciting ideas into the game. And the… Read More

Weekly Dev Journal 7: Whoosh!

Hey everyone, thanks for reading another RtS devlog! We really appreciate all the feedback we’ve had so far – it totally makes this open development thing worth it. As always, read to the end for the playable build. Also, we have a new “subscribe” box over to the righthand side of the site – sign… Read More