DYI standing desk

 I’ve been toying with the idea of using a standing desk ever since I started working at home. I’ve found that there are a lot less excuses to get up and walk around when I’m not in an office environment, and the constant sitting was getting to be too much on my back.

There have also been recent studies that show that a purely sedentary lifestyle can greatly increase your risk of things like heart disease.
There are some great solutions out there for standing desks, including some expensive ones that move up and down. I wasn’t ready to drop that kind of cash.

At the suggestion of my wife Katie, I setup some books on our kitchen island and propped the computer up on it.
This actually worked pretty well, but wasn’t exactly ideal – we like to use the island for kitchen-y things, after all, and having to turn off the computer and haul it over there was a pain as well. I like to sit for at least a few hours each day, so making this part of my daily routine didn’t seem like it was going to fly in the long run.

So yesterday, I constructed a sort of desk extension, out of old pine boards and plywood I had in the garage.
I’m pretty happy with the result!

The cool thing about it, is that I can transfer the computer on/off of it without having to turn anything off – it takes about a minute.




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