Weekly Dev Journal 7: Whoosh!

Hey everyone, thanks for reading another RtS devlog! We really appreciate all the feedback we’ve had so far – it totally makes this open development thing worth it.
As always, read to the end for the playable build. Also, we have a new “subscribe” box over to the righthand side of the site – sign up if you’d like to get these updates in your email.

This week, we went ahead and bought a Unity Pro license for each of us. Among other things, this gives us some cool post-processing effects.

Here’s one of my favorite effects so far – sun shafts (click to see the full size version):

We haven’t taken too much time to nail down which ones we want to use, so this week we just added some anti-aliasing.

Other new stuff this week:
1. Improved intro sequence and main menu.
2. New pickup visuals that don’t block your view as much.
3. Tuned some parameters for lateral movement
4. Tons of new sounds.
5. Added a sort of motion blur to the sun movement
6. Tuned the pickup point balance – now pickups are worth more in each region you pass through.
7. End-game stats tell you how many regions you made it through, and the game announces each region as you enter it.
8. Locked down the aspect ratio to 16:10, with letterboxing if you’re on anything else. This lets us guarantee a consistent field-of-view for everyone, which seems important in this game since you don’t control the camera. It also makes our UI work much easier!
9. Added some simple hint text to teach mechanics as you play.
10. Lastly, we added a “whoosh” sound as you pass by objects. Surround sound and headphone users should really like this!

Play it

[WP_UnityObject src=”https://dl.dropbox.com/u/41564278/RaceTheSunPublicDev/Week7/Week7.unity3d” width=1024 height=640/]

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