Making a living with indie games in 2014 (and beyond)

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a business-focused post here on! The games business is changing at a faster pace than ever. Not only are we in the midst of a console transition, but the mobile market has gone through a maturing phase, and a variety of new platforms have gained prominence. Indie games… Read More

Lessons From a Master: Adam Saltsman

In this series, I interview notable fellow game developers, in hope that we can glean lessons from their success. For part 1, I talk with independent developer Adam Saltsman. Adam’s career is notable, not only for how prolific he’s been, but for how many of his projects have risen above the noise and connected with large audiences. Canabalt… Read More

Announcement: BrassMonkey/Race The Sun giveaway!

Hey all, we’re really excited to announce that  our partner BrassMonkey is doing a massive giveaway, to celebrate the release of Race The Sun on, and the first of its kind integration of BrassMonkey technology into Race The Sun’s standalone version!       Prizes will include a Founder’s Club subscription, copies of Race… Read More

Video Log 1

Hey all – sorry for the lack of recent updates! We decided that we’re going to switch to a video log as opposed to a textual update. Here’s our first one. Also – if you’re reading this – here’s your chance to win a copy of Race The Sun! Leave a comment for us below… Read More

Dev Journal 14: IGF, World editor, etc.

We’ve been really busy this past couple weeks, so this will be just a quick update! The Money Situation Forest wrote up a post the other day with some thoughts on bootstrapping. It’s awesome that we’ve been able to work on games nearly full-time for almost 6 months now, but the truth is, it’s not… Read More