Opinion: Flappy Bird, Empathy, Appreciation for Simplicity

There’s been a lot of talk about Flappy Bird lately. For those who somehow haven’t heard about it – it’s a mobile game from an indie developer in Vietnam named Dong Nguyen. Over the past few weeks, it’s taken the mobile gaming world by storm, climbing up to the #1 spot in the app store. This… Read More

Making a living with indie games in 2014 (and beyond)

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a business-focused post here on Flippfly.com! The games business is changing at a faster pace than ever. Not only are we in the midst of a console transition, but the mobile market has gone through a maturing phase, and a variety of new platforms have gained prominence. Indie games… Read More

The Flippfly Show – Episode 1

For a long time we have wanted to start a weekly vid-cast. We want to stay in-touch with our player community – and video seems like the perfect format to start conversations. We also want to get the word out about other great indie games and have a little fun along the way. Last night… Read More

Lessons From a Master: Adam Saltsman

In this series, I interview notable fellow game developers, in hope that we can glean lessons from their success. For part 1, I talk with independent developer Adam Saltsman. Adam’s career is notable, not only for how prolific he’s been, but for how many of his projects have risen above the noise and connected with large audiences. Canabalt… Read More

Some Concerns About Free-To-Play

In case you hadn’t noticed – the industry we work and play in is changing at an alarming rate. Gamers are moving to mobile platforms in droves – and mobile platforms are dominated by the Free-To-Play business model. The model is quickly spreading to other platforms, and some are predicting it will be the dominant… Read More