Race The Sun Is Released!

Just over a year ago, we started our first major game project here at Flippfly, and announced it right here on this blog, playable web demo and all! We’ve been through a lot since then. We released an early “alpha demo” on Kongregate, which proved to us that yes, this game has potential. We ran… Read More

Race The Sun Launches August 19th!

The wait is nearly over! Well, for those of you who are waiting for Race The Sun to come out of Beta, that is August 19th is the official 1.0 version launch date. To celebrate, we put together this little video of the new game mode, Apocalypse: Share this on:… Read More

Race The Sun: A quick status update

Hey all, I just wanted to let you know where we’re at with Race The Sun. As you may know – we had set an “estimated release date” of May on our Kickstarter.  We’ve obviously slipped a little bit past that – but things are coming along pretty well! We recently released the first version… Read More

Race The Sun: Record Speed Run

I just had to share this video, shared by Toad102, a power user from Kongregate who routinely sits at the top of the leaderboard. To be completely honest, we didn’t realize Race the Sun could move this fast. It seems that moving this fast causes some glitches with the hit detection, so it may be possible to… Read More

Lessons From a Master: Adam Saltsman

In this series, I interview notable fellow game developers, in hope that we can glean lessons from their success. For part 1, I talk with independent developer Adam Saltsman. Adam’s career is notable, not only for how prolific he’s been, but for how many of his projects have risen above the noise and connected with large audiences. Canabalt… Read More