The Flippfly Show – Episode 1

For a long time we have wanted to start a weekly vid-cast. We want to stay in-touch with our player community – and video seems like the perfect format to start conversations. We also want to get the word out about other great indie games and have a little fun along the way. Last night we finally filmed the first episode of “The Flippfly Show” and it was a blast! So, without further ado, here is episode one of The Flippfly Show in all of it’s awkward glitchy glory:

Our attempt at a 10 minute game this week didn’t work at all, but that won’t stop us from posting it here 🙂 The idea (based on the theme of bar-tending) was to let players shoot cans off of a bar – some truly groundbreaking gameplay right?!? Once again for emphasis: The game below is totally broken, but in the interest of honesty and fun we are sharing it as promised.

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Links to stuff mentioned in the show:

Tetrapulse Kickstarter:

Race the Sun Greenlight Page:

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