Race the Sun Level Design Contest on Steam Workshop


Celebrate Race the Sun’s Workshop Launch by making awesome levels and winning awesome prizes:

On March 10th, to celebrate the launch of Workshop Support for Race the Sun on Steam, Flippfly is kicking off a new level building contest. Building content for Race the Sun is simple and easy, regardless of your previous skill level and modding experience- so check it out and win some cool stuff!

To participate, submit levels between March 10th and March 24th using the tag “contest”. The levels must be submitted through the Steam version of the game, using the Workshop sharing feature (which will become available starting March 10th.)

On march 25th, we’ll announce finalists, and on March 28th, winners will be announced. We’ll take into consideration both the quality of each level, as well as the community ratings.

We’re organizing a number of live events to help get aspiring level builders going- including Q&A and level building help on twitter and live streaming events during the finals runoff period between March 25th and 28th.

First prize will be the winner’s choice of 2 free PAX East passes or a $100 Steam Wallet card in addition to a signed Race the Sun Poster, Race the Sun keys, Patches, Stickers and a T-shirt.

Runners up will receive steam gift cards, race the sun keys, stickers, t-shirts and other cool stuff.

And there will be lots of opportunities for people playing and voting on the levels to win cool stuff along the way too.

Want to know how to get started building levels? we’ve got an easy to follow guide. If you’d like a video overview to get started with, check out this one.

And if you want help directly from the developers, tweet @flippfly and let us know where you’re stuck.
Lastly, please visit the Steam Community Portal for Race The Sun to talk with other modders!


Happy level building!

Opinion: Flappy Bird, Empathy, Appreciation for Simplicity


There’s been a lot of talk about Flappy Bird lately. For those who somehow haven’t heard about it – it’s a mobile game from an indie developer in Vietnam named Dong Nguyen.
Over the past few weeks, it’s taken the mobile gaming world by storm, climbing up to the #1 spot in the app store. This is pretty rare these days, because publishers spend tens of thousands of dollars every week to acquire enough new users to maintain their chart position.

Long story short: the internet kind of exploded on the game and its developer. Blogs sprang up accusing the developer of cheating the chart position and cloning other apps, and Kotaku even ran a piece with a headline claiming the developer had stolen art assets from a Mario game (They later published an apology, because clearly this wasn’t the case.) And at the same time, millions of players were playing the game – a LOT. All of this attention seems to have been too much for the creator, who subsequently removed the game. The app’s success had completely changed his life, and it was too much for him.

There are lots of interesting things going on here, but I find two things particularly noteworthy:

1. The Hate Continue reading…

Pixel Pressure Cooker, #3

Hey everyone!

As you may be aware – today is Monday, and the more astute readers will remember that we did our Pixel Pressure Cooker on Thursday last week.

So, apologies for the late post :)

This week’s Pixel Pressure Cooker was pretty interesting and different, because we worked with a guest artist – Cellusious. Cell is a talented artist we’ve followed on Twitter for awhile, and we thought it’d be a ton of fun to get him in a quick jam. He did not disappoint! It was a treat for us and our viewers to see his painting methods – he cranked out an incredible amount of artwork in the hour-long jam, and you can watch it here:

Now – coming into this jam, we didn’t have a super solid plan for what the game play would look like, as we wanted to give Cell free reign on the visuals. And, partly because we were distracted by all the awesomeness landing in our assets dropbox folder – we kinda failed to turn it into a complete game at the end of the hour!

Here’s an animated. gif of what the game looked like at the one hour mark:




So – we decided that instead of tossing this up as a “playable” game, we’re going to spend a few more hours on it and turn it into something that’s more representative of the final concept Cell drew: