World Creation Contest (UPDATED)

UPDATE: We have extended the contest! Click for details.

The Skinny

We are holding a world creation contest for Race the Sun! If you aren’t familiar with the feature, Race the Sun includes something called the Simplex World Creator – built right into the game. This tool allows anyone to create an entirely new world for the game without the need for any programming knowledge at all. This video shows a bit of what the World Creator can do:

If you are new to the Simplex World Creator, this page will get you started:

Simplex World Creator

If you don’t have the game you can try the beta version for FREE
by going to this page:

Beta Access



How To Enter

There will be two categories in this contest, they are

1. Best World
For this category we are looking for the best overall world. We will choose the winning world based on several categories including: fun, originality, and visuals. To enter, just create a world and hit the “share” button in-game.

2. Best Individual Object:
In the process of creating worlds you create objects to fill them (this video shows how crazy these objects can get) this category is for those individual objects. We will chose a winning objects based on creativity, complexity, and fun. To enter, take a screen capture of your object from within the game and submit a post of the image to:


The winner in each category will get a poster, 2 stickers, and a sew-on patch as well a copy of the game for themselves or a friend! The first and second runners up will get a copy of the game for themselves or a friend.


  1. All entries must comply with our Community Guidelines
  2. All entries must be submitted before 6pm (CST) on August 9th
  3. You can submit AS MANY worlds (or objects) as you would like


Fine print: We reserve the right to change the rules and deadline as needed.

3 Responses to “World Creation Contest (UPDATED)”

  1. JustinHopewell

    I’d like to participate in this but don’t know how to access the editor. I have the 0.65 build. Anyone know how?

    • Forest

      Hey Justin, You can access the editor in the current build by hitting the “Player Worlds” button. We will probably be changing that and adding graphics in the near future since you aren’t the only one who is confused 😉

      • JustinHopewell

        Thanks Forest. I would suggest mentioning this on the top of your page that covers how to use the editor, or around the link to that page. I think that would clear up some confusion as well.

        You guys have made an outstanding game, and I’m excited to see where it’s headed in the future.


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