Contest Extended!

After launching our first world creation contest last week we have seen some awesome submissions – however, we get the sense that many folks just haven’t had enough time to finish their Race the Sun creations. In light of that we have decided to extend the competition for a few more days! The new contest deadline is August 16th at 6pm (CST)

To enter the “Best World” category just create a world (hit the PLAYER WORLDS button in-game to find the World Creator), make a great world, then hit the “share” button. We will be reviewing all of the user-created worlds that have been submitted.

To enter the “Best Individual Object” category, take a screen capture of your object from within the game and submit a post of the image to:

If you have any questions about the Simplex World Creator, or if you would like to learn how to make worlds and objects, checkout this intoductory tutorial or stop by the forums and ask some questions.

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