Community Guidelines

We (Flippfly LLC) offer several services on which users can publish content. This content could include text, images, modified game content, or other media. This document outlines general guidelines for the content that can be published on our services.

General Rules

Respect the law
You are responsible for assuring the legality of what you publish. Make sure you aren’t violating a trademark or copyright – or publishing someone’s private information.

Watch Your Language
Profanity and other strong or suggestive language is not allowed on our services.

Be Respectful
Derogatory or demeaning remarks or content are not allowed. Everyone should feel welcome here and should never have to fear being berated or shamed.

Keep it Clean
Sexual content of any kind is strictly forbidden on any of our services. This could include anything from pornographic images to sexual phrases. Even symbolic or artistic sexual imagery is not allowed. This may seem extreme, but we want everyone to feel completely comfortable here.

This is a general set of guidelines and doesn’t represent an exhaustive list of approved or banned content. We reserve the right to take corrective action by removing content or banning users from our services. We would really rather not have to resort to banning anyone, so please observe the guidelines.

This document may be updated from time-to-time as needed. Last update: 7/18/13