Whisker Squadron: Coming to Kickstarter April 6th!

We’re happy to announce that Whisker Squadron, the game from the creators of Race The Sun, will be arriving on Kickstarter on April 6th! You can follow the campaign here: FOLLOW ON KICKSTARTER     You can also check out the new website here, which includes more info and a presskit.  … Read More

Evergarden On Android

So… it’s been forever since we’ve posted here. I guess we got a little too wrapped up in all the projects we have going. One of those projects is an Android version of Evergarden – the puzzle game we released in August on iOS and Steam (more about it here). If you would like to… Read More

Prototype Showdown: Final Round!

Hey all, today we launched the final round of our Prototype Showdown, wherein our fans get to choose what we make next. This round is Taxi Copter vs. A Traveler, and the winner will become Flippfly’s next game project. Please check them out and vote here!… Read More