Weekly Dev Journal 8: The Awkward Middle

Wow, has it been 8 weeks already? Something I’ve learned about game development is that every project has a few distinct stages when it comes to your mental attitude as a developer. The beginning is always a blast, because you’re trying new things, and putting all of your exciting ideas into the game. And the… Read More

Weekly Dev Journal 7: Whoosh!

Hey everyone, thanks for reading another RtS devlog! We really appreciate all the feedback we’ve had so far – it totally makes this open development thing worth it. As always, read to the end for the playable build. Also, we have a new “subscribe” box over to the righthand side of the site – sign… Read More

Five Little Things, Episode 1: Triple Town

In this series, I satisfy my urge to categorize and make lists, by breaking down various videogame related topics into five little nuggets of easily digestible wisdom. If you haven’t tried Triple Town from SpryFox yet, you owe it to yourself to check it out (free to play on mobile and Facebook.) It could be… Read More

Weekly Dev Journal 6: Race The Sun Continues

Hey all, I was on vacation 3 days this week, so there’s not a whole lot to report as far as gameplay. However, Forest did a TON of work on concepts for UI, icons, etc. We’ll share more of that soon! He also did some polish work on the player ship, jet effects, etc.… Read More

Weekly Dev Journal 5: Play This!

Here’s our day-late devlog for Race The Sun. After 5 weeks, we’re really happy with our progress! Here’s a sampling of what we did this week: 1. Added about 25 new building types. The plan is to randomly pick a few styles for each day. 2. Added a new player ship model. Still a w.i.p!… Read More