Monkey Drum Sale Extended

After a great weekend of slowly climbing the App Store Charts, we sit at the 30th spot in education! Oh, so close to the coveted top 25! We are pulling out all of the stops we can find to try and jump that last hurdle. With an advertising budget of $0 our little company is relying… Read More

Ludum Dare 23 – Game Jam

Well, 2012 has brought a ton of great new experiences for us, and this was no exception. Aaron and I participated in our first ever game jam! For those who don’t know, a game jam is an event where developers get together and create games (usually from scratch) within a certain time limit. This event… Read More

Monkey Drum 1.2

After several months of planning, designing, programming, fixing, reprogramming, and fixing again – Monkey Drum 1.2 has finally been submitted to the App Store! This has definitely been our most ambitious and rewarding update thus far. We essentially brought together everything we have learned from our user’s feedback, as well as our internal testing and re-imagined the entire navigation system… Read More

Welcome to

Flippfly is a tiny company committed to making exceptional apps for creative humans. We believe that everyone, no matter how boring or unartistic they feel, has the potential to create something amazing. We want to give them the tools to get started on their creative journey. Our first offering focuses on musical creativity. We have… Read More