Race The Sun 1.44 Is Out!

We really love it when developers keep updating and improving the games we play. As developers ourselves, we really want to do this for our games. The hard reality is that continually improving a game after it’s initial release can be costly and incredibly time-consuming. If the game doesn’t continue to make money after launch, working on an update can be hard to justify. In light of those difficulties, we are very grateful that Race the Sun has been reasonably successful after launch. The income has allowed us to bring the game to new platforms (Playstation 3, 4 and Vita) and has funded continued development of the game itself.

This week are releasing a significant update that includes:

  • Labyrintha mode: A new (not endless!) mode for players who complete level 25.
  • Improved controller support: XBox360 and PS3/PS4 controllers will now be automatically detected, and show custom icons in the UI
  • Added AlienFX support for Alienware PCs
  • Restored the “woosh” sound when passing buildings, as well as the ship engine sounds.
  • Many misc bug fixes

Thanks to everyone who has played, reviewed, rated and spread the word about Race the Sun! You’ve really made this possible. The updated game is available now through our awesome retail partners.

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