Oculus Rift Support coming to Race The Sun


If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you may have know this was coming – we’re adding Oculus Rift VR integration to Race The Sun!

In fact – when we realized that we had an opportunity to show the game to some press at PAX, we decided to jump on this right away. I borrowed two separate development kits (thanks Greg Shives from High Iron Studios, and Eric Weiss from Madison Media institute!) and got the basics working.

Here are some thoughts from Landon Robinson at Machinima, who got a chance to play it at PAX.

The integration isn’t quite ready for primetime yet; we’ve still got to work out some bugs with the menus, and we’d like to add some in-game calibration tools to make the experience great.

But look for it in a future update!

Now might also be a cool time to remind people that we’re on Greenlight, and that Race The Sun is available now.


2 Responses to “Oculus Rift Support coming to Race The Sun”

  1. Michael

    How will the controls work with the rift? Will movement of the head change your view or steer your ship, or will movement of the head not be used as part of the controls?

    Is there a timeline on this yet?

    • Aaron

      For now, the plan is to use the same control schemes we have already – keyboard, gamepad, or mobile phone control with brass monkey. This way you can be free to look around without it affecting the ship movement.

      ETA: Not sure yet; we’d like it to be ready when the retail kits ship for sure!


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