Weekly Dev Journal 12: Getting close!

Hey all, this week’s post will be even shorter than last week’s!

We’re hard at work preparing for a Kongregate build – we technically finished all of our tasks for it on Friday, but we wanted to take the weekend and do some testing before we put it out in the wild (it’s still kind of crazy to me that we do development -> testing -> release on such a short timescale!)

We’ve also been working with FastSpring to figure out how we’re going to do preorders. They don’t really like people to just send a nice email promising the product when it’s finished – they need something more concrete. So our thinking right now is:  we’ll send an early build out to anyone who preorders, and some kind of free update mechanism later. We’re working out how to do this – either we’ll offer a public download link with a key/unlock mechanism, or we’ll just send them a totally drm-free download now, and then figure out how to get them an updated build later.

Not a ton to report here – we have 5 levels of player objectives and we’ve been testing/tuning these internally.
Additionally, when you reach the max level, there’s a daily objective to complete, which will unlock a bonus multiplier for the remainder of that day. The idea is to keep people coming back for more every day – we’ll see how it works soon!

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