The Flippfly Show – Episode 3

We present the third installment of our little showish thingy. In this special episode we appear visibly exhausted while talking about the 60+ games in our “Not On Steam Sale”. Links to stuff mentioned in the show: – Not On Steam Sale: – God Factory Kickstarter:… Read More

The “Not on Steam Sale” has been a huge success so far

What a crazy couple weeks this has been! A couple weeks ago, we started talking about the situation we were in with Race The Sun. We had done a blog post talking about our sales numbers, and the difficulty of selling games without a big distribution partner like Steam – and it really seemed to… Read More

The Flippfly Show – Episode 2

Here is our second attempt at a live show about game development, Race the Sun and indie life. We are still new to the whole live show thing – so prepare for audio and video glitches 🙂 Last week we tried making a game from scratch in 10 minutes… and we pretty much failed. This… Read More

The Flippfly Show – Episode 1

For a long time we have wanted to start a weekly vid-cast. We want to stay in-touch with our player community – and video seems like the perfect format to start conversations. We also want to get the word out about other great indie games and have a little fun along the way. Last night… Read More

Race The Sun, A Month After Launch: Losing Steam

It’s been  a month since we launched Race The Sun 1.0 via our website, using the Humble Widget. It seems like a good time to talk about numbers. Spoiler: Launching a PC game without a major distribution platform such as Steam, is asking for trouble. BACKGROUND For those not familiar with Race The Sun, it’s… Read More