Ludum Dare 23 – Game Jam

Well, 2012 has brought a ton of great new experiences for us, and this was no exception. Aaron and I participated in our first ever game jam! For those who don’t know, a game jam is an event where developers get together and create games (usually from scratch) within a certain time limit.

This event (Ludem Dare) has a cool twist – there is a theme which the games must follow. The theme of this event was “Tiny World” – which we thought was pretty cool. After talking over about eight possible ideas, we settled on something inspired by the classic game “Missile Command“. Our first thought was to do some kind of circular mini-world with missile cannons all around, but then we thought about bugs! In the end we decided to create a game that entered into the tiny (but epic) world of ant warfare. The final product is much more of a strategy game than anything resembling a missile-shooter, but it’s still pretty intense!

So, without further ado, we present:
Ant Command Logo
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to play on the web
FYI – We made this game in less than 72 hours, so it could have bug or two (beside the dozens of insects you’ll encounter). It’s also far from a polished/professional release – this is just for fun folks – so consider it your chance to play with one of our internal test builds.
To play you will have to download the Unity web-player pluggin. This is totally safe and makes it possible to play real 3D content right in your web browser. The enemy red ants are coming to attack your colony and you need to send your ants into battle! To send them out, just click on the screen in the direction you would like them to go. When ants battle, there are casualties, and if you run out of ants to protect your colony you are as good as dead. To replace your lost soldiers you need to gather crumbs (click directly on a crumb to gather it). Each crumb will allow you to hatch more solders – but be careful! You may need those ants to fend off the enemy!THANK YOUS
We want to thank all the folks at Ludem Dare for putting on this great event, as well as Sunburn for the cool sand texture. But we especially want to thank our wives for their understanding and help while we went a little overboard with work time over the weekend 🙂

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