Voting Round 1 Finished!

It’s official! Our users have chosen Co-op multiplayer over mod tools, by a very narrow margin! So, what does this mean exactly? It means that getting this feature working is now our priority, along with finishing up the features for the 1.0 release of Race The Sun. Will we still make mod tools? Maybe –… Read More

Brass Monkey Support – play Race The Sun with your phone!

In case you missed our announcement on Facebook/Twitter yesterday – we partnered with a company called Brass Monkey, to add an awesome technology where you can control the game with an iPhone or android! Here are all the juicy details in their press release, including a link to play the updated demo right on their… Read More

Some Concerns About Free-To-Play

In case you hadn’t noticed – the industry we work and play in is changing at an alarming rate. Gamers are moving to mobile platforms in droves – and mobile platforms are dominated by the Free-To-Play business model. The model is quickly spreading to other platforms, and some are predicting it will be the dominant… Read More

Announcement: Crowd-Funding, Flippfly Style

We’ve got an announcement to make! For some time now at Flippfly, we’ve been thinking about our company: what our values are, what business models we want to pursue, and how to build a community of fans. These are all really important things to us. If you’ve been watching the game industry lately, you know… Read More