Race The Sun Workshop Contest Winners!


Alright everyone, the moment you’ve been waiting for!

First, we’d like to say: this was an extremely close race. There were several levels that were in a virtual dead heat for the grand prize, and we really had to dig in and play them repeatedly.
The other thing that made this tough is that, given the randomized nature of the game, it was often hard to compare our experiences with each other, and day-to-day.

Here is a Workshop Collection for your convenience, containing all of the finalists – hit the “subscribe all” button and check them out!

We hope that everyone had a great time, regardless of placement in the contest. We certainly appreciate your contribution to our community, and hope you’ll keep making levels!
Additionally – we want to hear from you on how to improve the tools. We were super impressed with the creative and unexpected ways everyone used the world creator, and we want to enable even more crazy stuff! We’ve started a thread here to get the conversation going – please join in!

Without further delay – here are the winners!
(Note: Some spoilers below!)

Grand Prize: Kings Way (V2)

Author: Dolmax

This one really blew us away. You are inside a massive cave, and travel through a linear story involving a dragon and treasure.

It’s fun, tells a great story, is exciting, and looks fantastic!

(Note: We noticed that on certain paths through the caves, there is sometimes a bug with the camera movement. This seems to only happen on certain days.)

First Prize:

First prize was a tie between several contenders! Here they are in no particular order:

DLV Sky Machine

Author: Drew Van Camp
This multi-region epic is the first world we’ve seen that includes a boss battle! It takes awhile to get there, but it’s worth the wait!
It also has some gorgeous animation and ambient objects.



Author: Rokin
This world puts you inside of a mainframe computer, flying across a sort of circuit board as the bits fly around you. It’s an excellent combination of theme, visuals, and gameplay.


Mayan Prophecy

Author: Burasuko
This world puts the player in ancient Mayan ruins during an alien invasion. It’s a great combination of theme, gameplay, and visuals.


World Of Cards

Author: BOMBRλKER ツ
We’re not exactly sure what the inspiration for this world is – but it’s an awesome environment full of symbolism evoking revenge, intrigue, and well, cards!


Second Place:

The second place slot was also very close! We have several entries tied:

Joyride ( Trook)
Galactic Space Battle (Standard Toaster)
Point 2 Hexagon (Spookster)
Tatooine (The Sugar Man)

Runners Up:

the last sunset
guitar hero v2
gizeh 0.1
bloody hell v.2
the city
meteor shower v1.5 beta
Space Adventure
speed woods

And there they are!

HUGE congrats to all of our winners, and a huge thanks to everyone who participated!


Want Feedback?

If you would like some specific feedback from us on your level – don’t be afraid to ask! Just ping us on Twitter, our contact form, or in the Steam forums, and we’ll play your level some more and give you some detailed thoughts!



Please see the contest announcement for the prizes. We will be reaching out via Steam to collect the winner’s addresses and contact info over the next couple days.
Please check the ‘private developer comments’ on your workshop item for a survey link where you can give us your contact info!

Additionally – we’re happy to announce that we be giving Beta Access for our upcoming game, Hexarden, to all finalists! We should be ready to share beta keys sometime in the next couple months.

Thanks again everyone for your participation!

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