Evergarden On Android

So… it’s been forever since we’ve posted here. I guess we got a little too wrapped up in all the projects we have going. One of those projects is an Android version of Evergarden – the puzzle game we released in August on iOS and Steam (more about it here). If you would like to beta test the Android version, be sure to join our Discord. There are details about joining a beta on the welcome page, and it’s a great place to connect with us and other players.

But what about Race the Sun on Android?.. I know – we’re sorry. We had every intention of making that happen a long time ago, but got pulled away to other projects. The good news is that we’re back on track and will be starting a Race the Sun Android beta very soon! We expect to release both Evergarden and Race the Sun on Google Play this fall.

Thanks to everyone who’s patiently followed along with our progress – it means a lot!

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