A Problem With Race The Sun

Ever since Race the Sun came out on PC, people have been reporting a major problem. Here is an example:


I know it’s strange for a user to contact their dealer like this, but ever since I found Race The Sun on Playstation store, I just have not been able to get enough. I’ve gotta play it. I’ll miss it when I’m not at home, and have been said to be horrible to be around when I’m not playing. It’s become a real problem.

So my coworkers, my family, and friends begged me to write this. (Something about steps, I don’t know if count in tris) But they said I’ve gotta have this on Android soon, or they may just send me away. I’m sure a little fix during the day would calm my craving til I get home, so anything would be a great help.

Thank you,  and cheers!!

Tony L.

Today we are happy to announce a solution to Tony’s problem – and maybe your problem too. Race the Sun is coming soon to Google Play. We will be opening up a beta test in about a month and you can sign up here if you would like to apply to be a beta tester:

(UPDATE: Beta Tester Signup Closed)

Android Beta Signup

We are still working on a release date (and exactly which phones and tablets will work) but we are hoping to support a wide range of Android devices. Thanks to all the folks who send us awesome emails like the one above. When the days get long, you motivate us to keep going.

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