The Last Colony (prototype)


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“The Last Colony” (working title) is a tactical action game about defending your ant hill by doing violence against enemy insects.

Gameplay is divided into waves, and the goal in the current prototype is to survive as many waves as possible. The difficulty ramps up pretty quickly, and survival requires a tactical use of ants. Food will randomly appear between rounds, and you can send your ants out to gather it. The more ants you send to a food item or to attack an individual enemy, the more effective they’ll be. Our best score so far is round 15!

Where do we see this game going?

Aaron: I’m very into “Downwell” and “Spelunky” right now, in that they are procedural, but have a structure and end goal. I like the idea that The Last Colony could have a progression of levels that are unique for each game to a degree, but with familiar elements at each wave.

The control over the ants is a little rough in this first prototype – ants often don’t do just what you’d like, and behave in frustrating ways. I’d like to explore additional ways to control them while they’re in the field – perhaps by swiping to send them in new directions. And I’d like to see the game have more strategic depth and variety.

Some other things I’d love to add to the game:

  • Boss enemies every few rounds: spiders, wasps, scorpions, etc.
  • A set of randomized upgrades to choose from between rounds
  • Special powerups and items to use, to add more depth
  • Maybe different types of player ants
  • More challenging food gathering – maybe food appears in the form of an enemy colony walking along the perimeter, and you can choose to risk taking them down to retrieve the food
  • Millipedes – because who doesn’t want to bring down a millipede with a horde of ants?

Issues with the prototype

  • Occasionally you get “stuck” between rounds and the enemies never arrive


  • James (3D assets)
  • Aaron (programming and game design)
  • Forest (audio, 3D assets and design ideas)