TaxiCopter (prototype)


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You are a helicopter pilot in a bustling city full of quirky residents. Complete a variety of quests, from simple taxi rides to cattle herding. The current prototype explores the controls and simple quests, but the final game would be a much deeper experience.

Where do we see this game going?

This prototype just scratches the surface of the possibilities for this game. Ultimately we’d love to see a big, dynamic city with a semi-procedural missions system, and lots of things to unlock. The structure of the game would allow you to explore at will, and pick up any type of work you enjoy doing, in exchange for cash which you then use to upgrade your helicopter and further your career.

If this game wins, we’ve got some exciting development plans for it that would see us releasing an Early Access version as soon as this fall (2017), with ongoing community-centric development after that point.

Here are some of the possible features we’ve been discussing for the game:

  • Helicopter damage and fuel
  • More helicopter models
  • Player avatars: You’ll be able to jump in and out of any helicopter, and maybe ride along as passengers on someone else’s heli too.
  • A variety of helicopter upgrades and different helicopter models
  • More memorable NPCs to give the city a playful, interesting feel
  • Day/Night cycles with different missions depending on the time of day
  • Split screen co-op (Maybe online coop at some point?)

Issues with the prototype

  • Certain mouse sensitivity levels make controlling the chopper tricky


  • Aaron (programming, art & game design)
  • James (additional art & programming)
  • Forest (audio)