Roofus Mows The Lawn (Prototype)

Downloads: Windows | Mac | Linux

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Roofus is a dog that wants to be a human. When the humans leave for the day, he sneaks out and tries his hand at human tasks. This prototypes is about trying to mow the lawn. Your goal is to get a certain percentage of the grass cut – which can be tricky without opposable thumbs. You will undoubtedly cause a bit of destruction in your quest.

Where do we see this game going?

We could see the concept (a dog doing human tasks) being extended to lots of fun little mini-games. Things like driving and bartending could be a lot of fun when you can barely hold or balance anything. Some ideas:

  • Bartending:
    • Mixing / pouring drinks
    • Making customers happy/angry
    • Stacking glasses
    • Doing bartending tricks
  • Driving:
    • Obeying traffic laws (getting pulled over if you don’t)
    • Crashing into everything
    • Lots of road rage

Issues with the prototype

  • Sometimes you get stuck on the edges of things and can’t move
  • There are various visual glitches (yep, it’s a prototype)


  • James (art & programming)
  • Aaron (programming and design)
  • Music from (by Kevin Macleod)