LaserPawn (Prototype)


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LaserPawn (probably not the final name) is a strategy/puzzle prototype with realtime and turn-based elements. The game is divided into levels (dungeons) where you face off against enemy chess pieces. If you step in the wrong spot,  the chess pieces shoot you with lasers and you have to restart the level. You can pick up laser weapons of your own and strategically take out enemy pieces – but you need to choose your target wisely as each weapon only offers one-shot. Everything is complicated by the fact that the floor is collapsing behind you – so your decisions must be made in a hurry.

Where do we see this game going?

Forest: Right now the prototype is heavy on strategy and light on action. I’d like to try and add more fast-paced action elements and see if we could create true genre hybrid.  The controls aren’t very refined right now – so run-n-gun  elements probably wouldn’t be fun – but with a little tweaking I could see those mechanics working. The strategy elements could go a lot deeper as well with ideas like:

  • Mirrors that reflect/bounce lasers when hit
  • Mines that explode in a certain radius when hit
  • Floor tiles that fall away after they are stepped on once
  • Portals that warp the player to another tile

Issues with the prototype

  • The sounds gets really loud and garbled when you die (sorry)
  • There is a slight delay when picking up a new weapon
  • Sometimes enemies stay (visually) on the board when they should be destroyed


  • James (art, programming and design ideas)
  • Aaron (programming and design ideas)
  • Forest (game and level design)
  • Music from (by Kevin Macleod)