I’m totally addicted to game jams!

Here’s my entry for Ludum Dare #24, from the weekend of August 27 2012.

– Connect either plant or water pieces to adjacent spaces
– Score increases by 1 for each connection between water/plant
– Fill up the empty areas and get the highest score possible

Many have asked: what is a good score for each level? Here are the current known best scores:
8, 16, 20, 17, 26.

Tweet me your highscores to @AeornFlippout, or with the #Hexarden tag – I’d like to know if these are actually the best!

(Here’s the Ludum Dare post about it, if you haven’t had a chance to vote/comment yet)

Here it is:
[WP_UnityObject src=”http://flippfly.com/hexarden/ludumdare/Hexarden.unity3d” width=840 height=524/]