Dodgeball Dungeon (Prototype)


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The Dodgeball Dungeon prototype is a procedurally generated dungeon crawler where your only weapons are dodgeballs. You must clear rooms by catching and throwing balls at enemies and survive by…dodging. Things get tricky because the balls will bounce off of any surface and can harm you along with your enemies. Trickshots and double kills are possible and are the best way to look cool while playing.

Where do we see this game going?

This seems like the kind of game that could incorporate lots of different enemy and weapon types. Trickshots and double (multi) kills are possible in the prototype, and it would be fun to make that more central to the game. Some ideas:
– Boss battles
– Balls that have different powers like starting things on fire or knocking down walls
– Enemies that rush you and steal the ball
– Team vs. team multiplayer

Issues with the prototype

  • Catching isn’t obvious (R-click when the “catch ring” appears).
  • The health meter is tiny (lower right).

Aaron (programming & design help)
Forest (art & design)
James (programming)
Music from (by Kevin Macleod)