A Traveler (Prototype)

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A Traveler is a small piece of an RPG. The idea is to get a taste of trading, fighting and exploring in a 3D world of anthropomorphic animals and mythical creatures. The prototype takes place at night in a little village in the woods. You can collect items and trade with various characters to earn your first weapon – a bow. The bow can be used to fight monsters lurking in the woods and get the treasures they hold.

Where do we see this game going?

This prototype is based on a concept we’ve been formulating for several years. Our dream is to create massive procedurally generated worlds that allow for near-endless exploration. The gameplay would land somewhere between early Zelda games and Animal Crossing. Some ideas:

  • Procedurally generated world (including creatures, NPCs and towns)
  • Procedurally generated quests that allow for hours of unique gameplay with each new game
  • Lots of interesting things to collect
  • Minecraft style multiplayer

Issues with the prototype

  • When monsters attack you it’s not very obvious what’s happening
  • Collision can be a little wonky sometimes


  • Aaron (art, programming & design)
  • Forest (art & design)
  • Music from incompetech.com (by Kevin Macleod)