Race The Sun Release Notes


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version 1.10 (11/01/13)

  • – Added in-game settings for controls, resolution, and graphics quality.
  • – Added a “Perfect Region” bonus for completing regions without collisions.
  • – Added “Featured Worlds” from our awesome community to the launch screen.
  • – Added lots of new gameplay to the main “Race The Sun” mode, to keep the game interesting for all players.
  • – Changed some objectives to make the first couple level-ups easier, and later ones to be less brutally difficult/tedious.
  • – Several optimizations to make gameplay smoother.
  • – Removed buggy 64-bit builds for Windows/Mac. 32-bit seems more stable.
  • – So many minor bug fixes, that we lost count ūüôā

version 1.02 (8/23/13)

  • – Fixed graphical glitches on lower quality settings
  • – Added 64-bit builds for Windows and Mac, for anyone having trouble with the standard 32-bit ones.
  • – Fixed an objective bug that caused some too-difficult objectives (sorry about that!)
  • – Added Kickstarter backer’s “quotes” to the intro sequence rotation. Finally!

version 1.01 (8/20/13)

  • – Fixed default quality setting to be “Fantastic”
  • – Fixed sound FX volume slider
  • – Fixed a couple misc. bugs
  • – LINUX: added a 64-bit build for those without 32-bit drivers.

version 1.00 (8/19/13)


  • – NOTE: If you are having an issue where the launch menu is not visibile, please change the quality setting to “Fantastic.” This should be the default setting, and will be fixed in an update.
  • – Finalized soundtrack
  • – Misc. bug fixes

version 0.92 (8/16/13)


  • – ALL VERSIONS: Fixed some objective bugs
  • – ALL VESRIONS: Fixed the Brass Monkey info pop-up, and a bug related to the controller
  • – ALL VERSIONS: added a “reset game” button to options menu
  • – WINDOWS: Fixed an issue where the game would launch with seemingly inverted colors/camera
  • – LINUX: Fixed web links, scrolling lists, and possibly other issues ūüôā

version 0.91 (8/10/13)


  • – Re-adjusted some of the objectives, and fixed some objective bugs
  • – Fixed a bug in the worlds screen that made it hard to select and play worlds
  • – Fixed a bug with portal transitions that broke certain objectives


version 0.90, (8/9/13 )


  • – All versions: TONS of bugs fixed, especially in the GUI.
  • – Now you can navigate all the UI with keyboard/controller.
  • – All versions: lots of visual polish on the player ship, etc.
  • – All versions: added “stats” panel to “configure ship” page.
  • – FULL VERSION: all 25 levels of upgrades unlocked!
  • – FULL VERSION: new game mode, unlocked at level 11: Apocalypse!
  • – FULL VERSION: Decals you can apply to your ship!

version 0.67, (8/7/13 – internal beta only)

  • – Fixed a bunch of bugs, especially in the highscore lists
  • – Can now access ship configuration from launch screen
  • – Slight tweaks to shadow/sun gameplay
  • – Lots of visual polish!

version 0.65, (7/31/13)


  • – Tons of relay mode fixes and tuning. Now multiplier, and powerups will carry over to the next player!
  • – Game will check for relay invites between rounds
  • – Daily highscores are now unlimited instead of just the top 10!
  • – Death screen shows your current highscore rank
  • – Fixed world editor screen resolution bugs
  • – Fixed bug where reaching 15 multiplier didn’t complete objective
  • – PUBLIC BETA: Unlocked 2 more levels (up to level 9)

BETA 8 (version 0.6, 7/25/13)


  • – Tuned the objectives to be more fair ūüėČ
  • – Added support for all common screen resolutions and ratios!
  • – Improved backend system to be more secure
  • – Fixed a bug related to relay games being accidentally cancelled
  • – Added some hints to help explain the way things work
  • – Several minor bug fixes

BETA 7 (version 0.55, 7/1/13)

IMPORTANT NOTE:¬†Due to some significant design changes, this beta will reset player progress back to level 1. This should be the last time we’ll have to do this! Sorry for the inconvenience, and we’d love your feedback on the difficulty/fun factor in playing through the first 10 levels. For those of you who’ve been practicing, it shouldn’t take long at all to get back to where you were!


  • – Added Player Ship levels up to 10,¬†including several new features:
  • ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†-User World Portals: You never know where you’ll end up when you enter one of these!
  • ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†-Emergency Teleport Portals: A new pickup that grants you an escape from otherwise certain death
  • ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†-Battery Ship attachment:¬†allows you to survive longer in shadow
  • – Player ship power meter is now affected by all shadows, not just those cast by clouds
  • – Leaderboard now shows countdown for the current day’s leaderboard/random world
  • – You can also browse previous days’ highscores
  • – Lots of misc. bug fixes

BETA 6 (version 0.50, 7/1/13)

  • ¬†Added the ability to download, rate and share worlds made with the Simplex Worlds Creator.
  • –¬†New in-game HUD with more readable messages.
  • –¬†Added one additional player level that unlocks the¬†“Jump Master” attachment.
  • –¬†Now you can do a barrel Roll!
  • –¬†Lots of visual polish and bug fixes


BETA 5 (version 0.45, 6/18/13)

  • –¬†Simplex World Creator is here!¬†This first version is pretty rough around the edges! But we wanted to get this in the hands of beta testers.
    –¬†Please see this page to get started.
  • –¬†Fixed bug: collision on moving platforms
  • –¬†Tweaked objectives, new ones are a bit less brutally hard for the first few levels.
  • –¬†Tweaked some of the patterns that were too hard
  • –¬†Fixed bug where leaderboards wouldn’t refresh except from the launch screen

BETA 4 (version 0.40, 6/5/13)

  • –¬†Multiplayer relay mode! This feature is unlocked at level 6. More details in this blog post.
  • –¬†Added: new patterns, and some interesting new colors to the world
  • –¬†Added: Screenshot button! Default binding is ‘/’ – use¬†shift to take a double-resolution shot. Saved to your documents directory.
  • –¬†Fixed: nuke flash effect lasting forever
  • –¬†Fixed: leaderboards not updating from game-over screen.



  • ¬†–¬†Linux: The relay share page won’t launch the game yet, so you’ll have to launch manually after selecting
  • Linux: Resolution/input bindings dialogs aren’t implemented for this platform yet. We’re hoping to implement this soon. In the meantime, please see this page for some helpful commandline options for resolution:
  • – Menu buttons will occasionally lose focus when using keyboard or gamepads. A workaround is to use the mouse in the menus.
  • – The text that tells you when an objective is completed sometimes won’t stop blinking.¬†Closing and restarting seems to clear it up.
  • – The music sometimes does not play at sunset (No known workaround at the moment).

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BETA 3 (version 0.37, 5/20/13)


  • – Leaderboards accessible from main menu
  • – Collisions reduces multiplier by 5 (rather than full reset.)
  • – Fixed collision bug on magic road
  • – Tuned speed boost spawn frequency


BETA 2 (version 0.35, 5/1/13)

  • – Flippfly account sign-in
  • – Leaderboards
  • – Much faster restart time!
  • – Lots of bug fixes

BETA 1 (version 0.30, 4/22/13)

  • – Initial Beta release.
  • – 5 ¬†player levels for now, more coming soon.
  • – Primary game mode mostly complete.
  • – Not included in this release: Multiplayer, World Creator. Just have fun playing and let us know what you think!