– Nearly half a million plays on Kongregate (early alpha demo)
– Funded on Kickstarter ($20k+)
– 2.5 hours average session length (beta version)
– Powerful in-game world creator (focus on ongoing user-content)
– Unique cooperative relay mode (highly social)
– Keyboard, gamepad, or BrassMonkey controls


Race The Sun is a high-speed game that uses simple controls and is set in a procedurally generated world. The goal is to get the highest possible score by racing into the sunset, avoiding obstacles and enemies, and collecting speed boosts and other powerups to help you along the way. You fly a solar-powered craft, and the game ends at sundown, if you can make it that far!


The world creator is included right in the game, allowing anyone to make unique new game modes (or modify existing ones) and share them with the Race the Sun Community. Unique interactive objects can be created, styled, and animated – with no programming knowledge. These could be simple things like falling blocks, or more detailed things like a flock of birds. (MORE INFO HERE) 


“The game is nerve-wracking and oddly relaxing at the same time.”
– Tuong Nguyen (Cnet.com)

“The game has become something that looks and sounds fascinating, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to user-created content.”
– Ben Kuchera (Penny Arcade)

“The feature that really stands out is the world creator, which lets you create, manipulate and program objects with minimal effort.”
– Phil Savage (PC Gamer)

“absolutely insane, high-speed racing game”
– James Deputy (IndieGameHQ.com)

“It’s all about getting that high score, and it’s an oddly compelling experience.”
– Chris Priestman (IndieStatik.com)

“…you will want to keep going back over and over again.”
– Nathan Carter (GamingNexus.com)

“…a sleek experiment in community driven content that will ship with powerful tools and inspired multiplayer options.”
– Konstantinos Dimopoulos (IndieGames.com)