Action Fishing (Prototype)



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Action Fishing is a tense game about a relaxing sport. You find yourself in the middle of a lake with five minutes to catch as many fish as possible. Casting and reeling take a bit to master, but the real trick is getting fish into the boat fast! When a fish jumps you can quickly pull the rod towards you to get the fish closer to your boat. You must choose between easy smaller fish (yellow rings) or larger more difficult ones (red rings).

Where do we see this game going?

This game could go any number of directions, but it would be fun to explore the idea of collecting many kinds of fish across different bodies of water. We could see the game taking on a more relaxing tone – or an even more frantic and hurried feel. Some ideas:

– Career mode
– Multiplayer tournaments
– Shared fish across all online players (each fish holds a record of previous catches.)
– Procedural fish
– VR support

Issues with the prototype

  • The jumping fish trick isn’t super obvious (pull the rod up when a fish jumps)
  • Some users with older Mac reported issues with graphics. Try playing on lower quality settings if this affects you

Aaron (programming & design)
James (programming)
Music from (by Kevin Macleod)
Additional sound effects: