Flippfly Story

Once upon a strange time – when flannel shirts and grunge rock where popular – there were two brothers.

Let’s call them

ForestA sketch of AndyA Picture of Joeand Aaron

They loved to invent strange and magical things.

Plans For A Rocket

Sometimes their inventions would get them into trouble.

A Rocket Stuck In A Roof

When they got older and started working for money, they each got a job that let them invent things.

Joe and Andy Doing Their Jobs

Aaron got a job building robots. And Forest got a job painting billboards on the highway.

After a while each brother got a little tired of his job. Forest wanted to paint colorful and interesting pictures, but most of his customers wanted big ugly letters instead. Aaron wanted to make smart and creative robots, but he had to make big clunky ones instead.

Joe and Andy Having an Idea

One day they each had the same idea at exactly the same time. They thought “Why don’t we make our own colorful, creative, smart and interesting robots!”.

So they started their own company and called it Flippfly, ’cause that sounded like a cool name.

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