A Traveler (Prototype)

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A Traveler is a small piece of an RPG. The idea is to get a taste of trading, fighting and exploring in a 3D world of anthropomorphic animals and mythical creatures. The prototype takes place at night in a little village in the woods. You can collect items and trade with various characters to earn your first weapon – a bow. The bow can be used to fight monsters lurking in the woods and get the treasures they hold.

Where do we see this game going?

This prototype is a small proof of concept for a much bigger RPG/adventure type game that we’ve been talking about making for a few years. The final game would (probably) be built in a procedural world, with procedural quests. The big idea is that you travel around between towns, doing quests (maybe a bit like Animal Crossing) within the towns to make the residents happier. You also have the option of exploring the dangerous areas of the world, fighting monsters, finding secrets, etc. in a very freeform style.

Procedural worlds (and RPG/adventure games) are pretty involved, and it’s not an area we have a lot of experience in, so this is a pretty ambitious project for us that’s pretty loosely defined right now.

Optimistically, this game could see a release in 2019 if it wins the prototype showdown.

Issues with the prototype

  • When monsters attack you it’s not very obvious what’s happening
  • Collision can be a little wonky sometimes


  • Aaron (art, programming & design)
  • Forest (art & design)
  • Music from incompetech.com (by Kevin Macleod)