In-Game Mod Tools

Power to the people! This feature will include a world-editor, as well as an editor for scripted events, right in the game. Create your own game modes, share them with the world!

We’ve already gotten a start on an in-game pattern editor which lets you lay out the obstacles that the game will use. We’ve also implemented a custom event editor to make all kinds of cool dynamic stuff happen.

Our dream is that users would be able to create entirely new game types using these tools, and then share them from right in the game for other users to see.

Want to try and recreate “Star Fox” or “Space Harrier” in the Race The Sun engine? We’d love to make that possible!

Maybe if the feature takes off, we’ll start doing game-mode creation contests and prizes? The possibilities are endless.
Here are some screenshots of the tools we’ve already created:

Pattern Editor:

Event Editor:

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  1. Ichsehetotemenschen

    The event-editor looks really awesome. One thing I’ll copy from my Trackmania Nations Forever (TMNF) Tracks is a “Press Forward” level. Well, in Race the sun it’ll be more like “sit back, take some grass and enjoy” ;-P

    It would be cool if I can combine this “don’t move” with the Portals I’ve seen in the video. But that would mean that they have to go to the same level over and over again. so the same level could grow as long as I find time to add a new portal with a sparkling light show behind it.


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