Race The Sun: Coop Multiplayer ( Chosen! )

A unique take on cooperate multiplayer, where you’ll compete for highscores with friends or total strangers.

Here’s how it works:

When you crash, you’ll have the opportunity to share a link that will let someone else pick up right where you left off. They can then continue your run, and pass the “baton” onto someone else when they die. This process will repeat, up to a limited number of times.

Together, you’ll be competing for highscores on a special team-based leaderboard that will give credit to everyone to participated in the run. We think this will be a lot of fun!


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  1. denny

    good idea but continuing in the area where the other person left off wouldn’t really be fair for other player with tri’s being worth more in higher regions along with difficulty. i would rather see a two player vs option, pc to pc heads up racing maybe? via network

    • Aaron

      Thanks for the coments!

      Well the whole idea is that you’re working together as a team, so yes, while subsequent players will probably score more points, what matters is your combined score. We hope to build a unique leaderboard that will show all the participants for each rank. We may be able to balance things with difficulty ramping so that the score will on average be about the same for each player.

      Player vs. Player multiplayer is something we’ve talked about, but we’re not sure it’d really be as fun as it sounds, since players don’t have speed control: It seems that the first player to grab a speed boost would have an obvious advantage in that they’d have first access to all subsequent boosts. Make sense?

      • dzamie

        Maybe the tris and powerups aren’t used up in the competition? While there are technically “best paths” in the game, they’d change each day, and there’s only a certain amount of the map you can memorize to perform flawlessly.

  2. occamaldanis

    So it’d be sort of a relay race idea, then? That’s pretty neat, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in a racing game before!

  3. sheetz

    well you could have a player vs player race but there’s no end. it goes until everyone has crashed and the one who has gone the farthest is the winner. also don’t have the sun start to set until like the round drags on for like 5 minutes or something. with that you could still have powerups

  4. Darkgun

    So first of all, congratulations on Race The Sun getting funded on Kickstarter. I heard about the game via the PA Report and went to try it on Kongregate. Pretty excellent stuff. I also really like the current idea for multiplayer, as I can most certainly say that I haven’t seen anything like it before.

    I noticed above that in response to an individual above you had mentioned a direct versus play seemed to be a bit difficult to implement, since, as observed, the first person to the boost power-up would most likely win. I have encountered other games that implement a versus styled racing in the past in which both players are visible to each other, but they cannot directly interact. (The game that comes to mind is the later Sonic titles for the DS and its multiplayer.) One could alternatively compare this to the time trial mode ghost in some racing games, for example. And I had a great idea for how this could work, but the more I thought about it, the more complicated it became… I may think on it more.

    But! I had a wonderful idea: why not a great game of follow the leader? Best of three(or less) rounds in a match, each player gets a turn in a round. A turn ends when either player crashes. Leader wins if Follower crashes, strays too far from the trail, or is outpaced (outpacing made possible by powerups). Follower wins if Leader crashes and Follower passes crash point safely. No warnings for Follower if Leader crashes.

    …maybe I shouldn’t talk ideas. I feel as though I could go on, especially with all of the possibilities of this game. All I know is that I can’t wait for Race the Sun to come out. I know what I’ll be buying.

    Congrats again and thank you.

  5. Andi

    First up: i love the game, especially the pacing.
    I like the idea for the multiplayer very much, and i also had a similar idea to what Darkgun is proposing. I think it would be pretty awesome if players had the option to chase each other somehow. This could be achieved by the leading player creating a path that is closed up at the sides. Or if someone falls back too much his craft loses power. There are a lot of ways to do that once it is possible to have multiple players in the same world.
    I would really like to see that, and judging from the comments i think i’m not the only one.

  6. Zidane Maulana

    it’s a good idea, i want to see RaceTheSun Multi-Player 😀

  7. Austin

    I was wondering what you thought of these ideas for multiplayer:

    Players all start a short distance away from each other (Indicators overhead indicating their score, and maybe arrows on edge of screen indicating each player’s direction), same speed and such. Crashing into a player from the side drops your Tris bonus just like whacking obstacles. Crashing into player from behind at any significant speed difference crashes both you and the other player you hit.

    However, players who die (With no Shields in their possession) get Warped to the start of the level they died on. There are infinite numbers of these respawns.

    Game is over when the sun fully sets, with winner having highest score. Any player hitting a booster raises the sun, but possibly by a fraction of the normal amount equal to the number of players (So if in singleplayer a booster raises the sun by 12 degrees, it raises it by 6 degrees in 2 player, 4 degrees in 3 player, 3 degrees in 4 player, etc)

    This way you have a cooperative element, where the game ends when the sun sets so all players are trying to hit boosters, and a bit of a whack-the-other-player element with impacts, but too hard of impacts resets both players so it’s a risk-vs-reward scenario.


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